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Larchmont Animal Hospital has been a part of the Larchmont community for over 60 years. Under the direction of Dr. Walsh Fullerton, we have rapidly grown into a full-service practice, complete with boarding and grooming services.

Our mission is to offer high-quality, technologically advanced, compassionate veterinary care to all of our patients and to provide our clients with individualized attention and understanding.

For your convenience, contact us via e-mail for information, questions (info@larchmontanimalhospitalny.com) and medication and food refill requests (refills@larchmontanimalhospitalny.com). Please do not use e-mail for emergencies or sick patients – call us at
(914) 834-0199.

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Larchmont Animal Hospital

Important Information about Canine Influenza

Canine Influenza has been discussed in recent news reports, both nationally and locally, especially with a recent outbreak in Rockland County. You may be wondering about this virus and what you should be doing to keep your dog safe.

Canine Influenza (CIV) is a flu virus that affects dogs, first diagnosed in 2004 in racing Greyhound kennels in Florida. Since the initial diagnosis, CIV has spread to 38 states, mainly in shelter and show environments. It also has been seen in kennel/daycare “group activity” environments.

At this time, there is no evidence that CIV can be transmitted to humans, which means that you cannot get the flu from your dog. Symptoms include coughing, nasal discharge and fever. Approximately 80% of dogs exposed to CIV will develop symptoms of the virus. Of the 80% that develop symptoms, most will experience the mild form of the disease. Some dogs, especially those with immature or compromised immune systems, will develop a more severe form of the disease. The mortality (death) rate from CIV-related pneumonia is approximately 5-8%.

Approximately 10-20% of dogs exposed to CIV will not show any symptoms, but can spread the virus. The Nobivac Canine Influenza Vaccine is an FDA approved vaccine now available for dogs. It does not prevent the virus, however, it lessens the severity of symptoms and reduces the amount of time an infected dog can spread the virus. It consists of 2 initial injections, 2-4 weeks apart, and then annual revaccination.

The Nobivac CIV Vaccine is available at Larchmont Animal Hospital. At this time, it is not part of our routine preventative care schedule, but may be recommended based on your dog's lifestyle. If you wish to have your dog vaccinated for CIV or have questions about CIV, please contact us at (914) 834-0199.

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